I’m here to let you know that you are not alone #aboutEMPATHY

Do you have a feeling that Empathy is good, but you are not completely sure what is the right definition of Empathy?
Here you go – this is for you:-)

Teresa Wiseman identifies four defining attributes of empathy.

1. Perspective taking
To be able to see the world as others see it.
Listening to the truth as other people experience it and acknowledging it as the truth.
Let me be quite and listen and learn, let me be curious about what you see.
Became a learner, and listen.

2. Stay out of judgement

3. Recognize emotions
To understand another’s person’s feelings

4. Communicate emotions
To communicate the understanding of
that person’s feelings

What can be really helpfull?
Mindfulness – pay attention to the process to the situation

What else might be important:

– the biggest mistake in empathy – is to think that we are here to fix it, to rescue.
– empathy is a choice
– expressions of empathy we all need are different
– empathy is function of connection
– empathy is.. “You are not alone”
– empathy is antidote to shame

Power of empathy:
– I’m in it with you
– I’m not here to fix you
– I’m not here to feel it for you
– I’m here to feel it with you and let you know that you are not alone
– I’m am here to see your perspective

Theresa Wiseman
Brene Brown – Program Brave Leaders.