workshops for leaders

Workshops are dedicated to managers who want:


to grow in Agile way
give/receive feedback in an effective way
foster engagement of the team
build trust
deal with conflict rather thanavoid it
lead through a constantly changing environment
stay constructive in tough situations
understand personal and organization values and put them into practice


Agile Mindset
building leader identity
no ready solutions
hours of knowledge sharing


1. Self Leadership – 2 workshops

defining the current state and making decision where you want to be as a leader
changing perspective, create definition of a good leader
creating action plan, defining the values, working on limiting believes
creating leader manifesto, working on organization values, working on your empathy

2. Foster the culture – 2 workshops

understanding needs and expectation of the team
building trust and raising empathy
working on positive recognition
discovering how to create safe environment
creating fail friendly environment
building strategy to support and empower the team

3. Agile Mindset

create a team strategy based on the Agile Philosophy
defining agile mindset
working on flexibility to the change